Products/Cutting tools
At Waverley Cutting Tools, we’re proud to call ourselves the metal cutting tool experts.

With our 100+ years of combined experience and expertise, we work as a team to find the most competitive and efficient solutions across a wide range of business sectors. Our clients have machine shops in — among others — the oil and gas, automotive, pharmaceutical, structural, and premium threading industries and we’re expanding our reach all the time.

The cutting processes we support include turning, milling, drilling, grooving and threading, and we work with the world’s best manufacturers to deliver both an off-the-shelf and a fully tailored service.

measuring equipment
Investing in top quality machine shop tooling is only part of the story. 

You need to be able to measure how well it’s performing and at Waverley Cutting Tools we work closely with our clients to ensure they get the best from their investment.
We supply and support a very extensive range of measuring equipment, to allow our customers to maintain top quality products — from digital verniers and micrometers to shadowgraph and CMM machines — and specialise in ranges from the world’s leading suppliers such as Mitutoyo, Moore & Wright, Gagemaker, and Linear.​

There are many types of drills and drilling requirements are becoming increasingly demanding.  

Every drilling process requires a particular type of drill, applied correctly, to make the drilling process cost effective. Here at Waverley we have the technical expertise and experience to select and apply drills from many of the top brands, from basic jobber drills through to high-speed high-performance drills, to suit your requirements.

Milling can be a very technical discipline and there is a huge selection of milling tools available. 

Materials and components are becoming more complex and difficult to mill. Milling tool manufacturers are constantly developing new tools and milling methods. We can help you select the best tools for your job, from HSS to high feed and trochoidal milling, and help optimise the cutting conditions to get the best from the tooling and the best solution for you.  

We can help select the best turning tools for your machining operations for all materials from non-ferrous, steels, stainless and exotics.

Our engineers can help select the best grades and geometries to maximise output of roughing operations and improve quality of finishing operations. We keep our customers up to date on new technology, such as high-pressure through coolant tooling, which can greatly improve tool life.

grooving and part off
We can help select, from our top of the range brands, micro grooving tools through to heavy duty grooving tools which we can apply to all manner of applications 

Internal grooves are getting deeper and further down bores and we have the expertise to select and develop tools to achieve the requirements. Parting off tools are being developed to vastly improve productivity with high-pressure through coolant parting tools, tool holding, and improved insert grades and geometries.

Tool security and thread accuracy are a vital part of any threading process.

We have in our threading tool repertoire a vast range of threading tools to suit your requirements, whether it be thread turning, thread milling, thread rolling, thread forming or thread tapping. We can also supply certified hard thread gauges and precision mechanical inspection equipment. Whilst having expensive knowledge of many thread forms, we also specialise in premium threading tooling and inspection. 

hole finishing
We have a large selection of standard reamers, high performance reamers, and bespoke reamers to help achieve the surface finish and tolerance of holes.

We can also offer fine boring tools and burnishing tools to suit your requirements.

oils and coolants
We supply emulsion and neat oils for machine tools along with complementary slideway oils and cutting oils.  

Our team have unmatched expertise in applying these products to help optimise machine shop cutting processes and reduce bacterial growth, using leading brands such as Rocol and Watson Oils.

special tooling
Our engineers are frequently designing and manufacturing bespoke tooling to machine unusual and difficult features which standard tooling cannot achieve

We also apply our knowledge to design and produce bespoke multi-function tools to help improve productivity  

hand tools
When you need hand tools and power tools to complement your machine shop tooling, Waverley Cutting Tools have the answer with ATA, Makita, Draper, Sealey, and Milwaukee among our choice of suppliers.

We can also offer fine boring tools and burnishing tools to suit your requirements.

world class suppliers
Our cutting tool suppliers number Sandvik, Kennametal, Iscar, Mitsubishi, Posithread, Vardex, Arno, Walter, Horn, Kyocera, OSG, D’Andrea, Guhring, Allied Maxcut, Sumitomo, and Cogsdill — to name just a few! We complement our cutting tool service by supplying workholding products such as chucks, chuck jaws, vices, and centres. Other cutting tool specialities include a multi-pallet workholding service, delivered in partnership with suppliers such as Thame, Rohm, and Schunk.
Got a project that needs tailored tooling? Just ask the Waverley team: we frequently design and produce bespoke cutting tool solutions to match our clients’ specific requirements.
Call us today and let’s see how Waverley can help streamline your business. 01224 879714