When you invest in high quality machinery, it’s vital to maintain it in peak condition. That’s why we supply abrasives, polishing medium, and tools from top brands such as Sait, ATA Garryson, and Cogsdill, Abracs, Tyrolit, Norton, Saint-Gobain and Master Abrasives.

Waverley can meet all your abrasive product needs, with stocks of emery cloth rolls and sheets, non-woven finishing pads, all sizes of grinding and cutting discs, plus flap discs and flap wheels of various grades and sizes. Mounted points and rotary burrs of all shapes and sizes are also available to order as well as crimped/knotted wire cup wheels and rotary wire wheels. Members of the Waverley team are always on hand to visit you and go through manufacturers’ catalogues to pin down your specific requirements. We can also have specialist grinding wheels made to order.

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